The Bridge.
Conversations on gender empowerment in India

The Indian woman has come a long way but the journey has neither been easy nor equitable and there are yet miles to go. We believe that we are at a juncture in the life of this nation where women and men must come together to work for what is overdue to one half of us.

The Bridge is a new initiative to facilitate conversations on some of the most pressing issues that women face in India.

Through our events and digital media platform we hope to curate conversations about policy, politics, society and culture. With these conversations we hope to generate synergies, new perspectives and momentum for the road ahead.

The Event

The event has been designed keeping in mind pressing issues facing women today and we are looking forward to listening to some of the most brilliant minds on these issues. The dual aim is to deepen the understanding of how gender empowerment is essential for the transformation of economies, quality of lives and ultimately countries, as well as move towards identifying roadblocks and solutions.

These conversations will be a starting point to a more sustained engagement on the topics at hand and over time we hope to both document and follow-up on the ideas that come out these talks by involving more and more stakeholders.

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